CellLeap™ High Temp Batteries

  • LMH Battery Series

  • LiFePO4 LFP Battery Series

LMH Battery Series


  • Provides six times higher KWHr density than VLRA or Flooded batteries

  • Designed for long life of over 40,000 cycles and 20+ years

  • Only one-third of the weight of typical VLRA or Flooded batteries

  • Optimal performance with no degradation or efficiency loss even during EOL or high temperature operation

  • Hardened for extreme temperatures with operating charge/discharge range of -40 to +55 deg C

  • Easy to maintain with no need to refill or perform routine maintenance

  • Environmentally safe with no lead or cadmium

  • Recyclable

  • Fail safe safety vents prevent explosion from overcharging

  • Lower installation costs with pre-assembled blocks and vertical or horizontal installation options

  • Excellent charging recovery and constant normal capacity to EOL

  • Rapid high current charge (1-5 hours) and discharge capabilities

  • Built-in real-time battery management with SOC and current charging condition monitoring

  • 2U battery system with BMS and battery disconnect

  • Wide capacity ranging from 10AH to 3000AH ratings

LiFePO4 LFP Battery Series


  • Designed for long life of 5,000 cycles at 20 deg C

  • Hardened for high temperature range of -15 to +60 deg C

  • High capacity of 50AH to 3000AH, 3.75V Cell

  • High density & light weight

  • Thermal stability and high tolerance for overcharge

  • High tolerance to high and low voltage abuse

  • Excellent electrochemical characteristics

  • Rapid charge and deep discharge capabilities

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Low capacity losses even in high temperature

  • Suitable for telecom, solar, and data center applications